Newsletter (Quarter 4 : 2017-18)

Smt. Babita Das


Baripada Municipality has taken a step forward in the glory of its success to lunch its own IT automation system for the service of the People. Municipality is taking all necessary steps to provide the services through most efficient model including the new e-Governace system.Baripada Municipality website will provide all citizen centric services.

This website will provide information on various activities undertaken by Baripada Municipal council for the well being of the People of Baripada. Citizen are requested to give their valuable suggestions and complains for enhancement of the Municipal services using our "Grievance Management System" in the website.

Shri Subashis Mansingh, O.A.S (SB)

Executive Officer

I am glad to note that our municipality is sincerely providing services to improvement of all civic activities. Since the Municipality has been included under Amrut Yojana, both our responsibility and accountability has been enhanced accordingly. To provide a house to the houseless under PMAY Scheme, skill training to the unemployment urban youth, standard infrastructure and better hygiene is our top priority. The entire staff under leadership of the chairman and co-operative councillors are trying to provide best services in the interest of the inhabitants of this Municipality.

Baripada Municipality has introduced Citizen Complains Services system for receiving & Compliance Public Grievance.

The Grievances shall be forwarded to the concerned Department/Section of the respective ULB depending on the nature of Grievance for further action. The Corresponding sections staff will attend the complaints in given time period and send a reply back to the Citizen Complains Services system in our Baripada Municipality Website The reply sent from the corresponding department/Section to the Integrated Citizen helpdesk will be sent to the complainant. The complainant who uses internet can also check the status of his grievance through the web. This proposed system provides periodical reports on status-wise complaint list, department-wise pending complaints, etc. to the higher authorities for monitoring the efficiency and progress of grievance redressal.

Baripada Municipality motto is to make the city sanitized, healthy and liveable and ensure sustain good public health with best environmental out comes . Keeping that in view the Solid Waste Management Proposal has been developed with the objective of proper and effective collection, segregation, transportation, processing and disposal of Municipal Solid Wastes.

Baripada Municipality Corporation has introduced door to door collection of garbage . Everyday Baripada Municipality collects and transport approximately 50 MT Solid Wastes from the city by its own Mechanisms at the Ragunathpur, Ward No-22 dumping yard. The slums are given a special attention by squad approach . Baripada Municipality has a proposal to establish a Solid Waste Management Plant in PPP mode for more scientific disposal and 100 % door to door coverage.

Pension to the Urban Poor

Under Social Security scheme various pensions are provided to the urban poor. The different kinds of pensions given to the Urban poor are – IGNOAP, IGNOAP(above 80 years), IGNWP, IGNDP, MBPY and MBPY(above 80 years),MBPYDP, MBPYCLC which have been sanctioned by sub Collector, Baripada. The number of beneficiaries who are presently getting various pensions are as follows :

Scheme No of pensioners
IGNOAP(above 80 years) 86
MBPYOAP (above 80 years) 139

Apart from this Baripada Municipality also providing Financial assistance to BPL family under of NFBS (National Family Benefit Scheme) amounting to 20,000/- per Household after family head deceased & Rs. 3000/- under Harish Chandra Sahayata Joyana.

Marriage Certificate

Baripada Municipality issues Marriage Certificate to the applicants under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. As per provision we issue the Marriage Certificate within a week of application if received with all required documents. During 2018 till date 5 nos. of marriage certificates have been issued.

Following documents are required for issue of Marriage Certificate:

  • Application form duly filled in with invitation cards of the Bride and the Groom.
  • Photograph of marriage on Bedi.
  • Copy of HSC/ Birth Certificate of Bride & Groom.
  • Joint affidavit of Bride groom and Bride that the marriage has solemnised as pe Hindu Marriage & Custom held. Two separate Affidavits of Father/Mother (Bride groom & Bride).
  • Vote ID Cards of the parties for identification.
  • Up-to-date House tax receipt of Municipality/ Residence Certificate issued for the purpose of marriage.
  • The Bride groom, Bride, Parents & witness as are required to be physically present at the time of registration fixed by the Marriage Registrar.
  • Registration fee Rs.7/- after one month fee Rs.32/-. Development fee Rs. 500/.

Birth & Death Certificate (online)

Birth & Death Certificates issued by Baripada Municipaality on receipt of requisite application, it can be applied through URL

Trade License Certificate (online)

Any person carrying out a business under Baripada Municipality jurisdiction has to obtain required Trade License Certificate for which online application can be submitted by using the URL

For slum development one centrally sponsored scheme i.e. integrated Housing and slum development (IHSDP ) scheme is being implemented in Baripada Municipality. The basic aim of the scheme is to provide adequate shelter and development of infrastructure for the slum dwellers. AS such the following component of works have been under taken by this Municipality.

  1. Development of Road and drain
  2. Laying of water pipe line in the slum
  3. Construction of Community Centre
  4. Tubewell, Sump with Pumping arrangement
  5. Garbage Bin
  6. Jogging Track

1. Name of the city : Baripada Municipality

2. Status of Hybrid Toilet Constructed in the Baripada Municipality:

Hybrid Toilet Location/ Address Current Status
(Constructed/Under Construction)
Ward No. Capacity
Zone (East, West, North, South)
1 Station Bazar Completed 28 10 South
2 Murgabadi Golei Completed 21 10 North
3 Bhanjpur Completed 02 7 North
4 MCH Building, Hospital Campus Completed 06 10 West
5 Daily Market Under Progress of Plan & Estimate 05 10 West
6 RI Office, Baripada Completed 20 7 South
7 Sadak Sahi, Raghunathpur Completed 22 10 East
8 Sarawati Colony, Raghunathpur Completed 22 10 East
9 Jagannath Temple ,Baripada Under Progress of Plan & Estimate 8 7 West
10 Dargadei Golei Under Progress of Plan & Estimate 7 North

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